Film Vs. Architecture Will Be I Am A. Grade Year At Bishop Machebeuf High School

Film Vs. Architecture Will Be I Am A. Grade Year At Bishop Machebeuf High School

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While this was a challenging project, I can 't find myself saying I didn 't enjoy it. Even though I still am a freshman in college and in the midst of changing my major, film is always something I 've found a passion to have. I still haven 't decided yet, but film or architecture will be one of my majors. The other? A minor. It all first started Junior year at Bishop Machebeuf High School. I took the only film class there after having accomplished my speech class. The class consisted of watching movies, but not solely for one 's own enjoyment.

Many types of camera angles, audio, themes, shots, etc, were all things we had to keep an eye out for and write an example of such down on our worksheet. Another thing we did, and best of all, was making movies. Throughout the semester, Mrs. Aksamit would give us different assignments to work on. In the beginning, they were simple, but as the months passed by, the assignments grew more challenging. Regardless, that didn 't mean I didn 't have any fun making them. Our stop motion assignment for example, I had burned down a dollhouse. I must say, it was rather hilarious. The elements and skills I learned in that classwere ones I kept forever.

When we got the opportunity to do a broadcasting project in my Journalism class, the moment Professor Baum mentioned the assignment I had begun thinking right away of some ficitional stories to come up with. We got into groups, and my group consisted of Geordan, Mickella, Chloe, and myself. Right here, the one thing I would change is most likely incorporating Sydney and/or Franki into our group. Throughout filming, Sydney has been a phenomenal actress. She is hilarious, smart, and very quick. She 's always been able to come whenever I politely asked...

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...ifficult getting people in order because of all the chit-chat going on. I would be strict, and found myself saying the things teachers would tell me when I was talking in the middle of their class or being rude and obnoxious. This is something I learned about myself during the project. I 'm just a perfectionist, or at least try to be. I 'm very structural and need things to be done a certain away, the certain people to be cast as actors, and more. Of course, I do have my flaws and fortunately have others to correct me, but for the most part I think I have the right mindset for things.

Nonetheless, it was a very fun project. Editing was a pain in the butt, as my software kept freezing but I like doing it. I would certainly do it again. But for next time, I would preferably choose professional people rather than my own friends sometimes, or, a mix of both in some way.

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