The Film Soul Of The Game And The Life Of Jackie Robinson Essay

The Film Soul Of The Game And The Life Of Jackie Robinson Essay

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All three of these films discussed the importance of race in America and how whites treated people of other races during this time. The two films Soul of the Game and The Life of Jackie Robinson are both about African Americans and their struggle of being accepted into the world of baseball. The third film, Hank Greenberg is about the life of Hank Greenberg and how he, as a Jew, was both ridiculed and then accepted into the world of baseball. All of these players, although they were not liked at the time, have gone down in history as some of the best baseball players in history and are certainly well known.
In the late 1940s and early 1950s race was a huge issue in America. Jackie Robinson, however, was one of the main reasons that changed, especially in baseball. Colored and white players were separated between the “Major Leagues” and the “Negro Leagues”. The Negro League players were paid less than Major League players and overall treated differently. When traveling, depending on the town and their laws, some African American players were not allowed to participate in the games because they were black. As shown in The Jackie Robinson Story, Jackie and his team traveled into a town were whites and blacks were not allowed to play against each other. Thus their team was forced to turn around and head back home without playing a game.
I believe that at this time, America was not race conscious but racist. There was an obvious separation between whites and blacks and an obvious difference in the way whites were treated verses the way that blacks were treated. White players were paid more than African American players. When black players stepped up to bat, they were not ‘booed’ by white fans, however black players were constantly ...

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..., family and fans.
These men, along with many others who would follow in their footsteps, are extremely brave, inspirational and successful in their work as Major League baseball players. Jackie Robinson and Hank Greenberg are both important to American history because they have stood up for themselves and others going through similar struggles that they are. I think the most powerful thing that these men have done is stood up for each other when they were playing on the field. America was a very racist country during the time that both of these men were popular in baseball which added to their own personal struggles on and off the field. America was a very racist place during this time and did not accept these men for who they are or what they did. I believe that Greenberg and Robinson were both amazing men and they have changed the face of baseball for the better.

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