Film Review : The Movie ' The Blacks From The Amistad ' Essay

Film Review : The Movie ' The Blacks From The Amistad ' Essay

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1) Did you watch Amistad in its entirety, from start to finish? Yes I did.
2) What are the times and places in which this film took place? The film took place in the year 1839 and focused on Africans, purchased by a Spaniard who placed them on a slave ship headed across the Atlantic to America, which was then overtaken by the Africans who attempted to head back to Africa but were unsuccessful and eventually stopped by Americans.
3) What insights into the historical institution of slavery in America made the greatest impression on you? The insight on slavery from the movie which made the greatest impact on me was the portrayal of the language barrier between the Africans and the Americans. In the movie, the blacks from the Amistad were seen as barbaric because of their different language as well as their inability to understand English. I had personally never contemplated how in regards to slavery, blacks sold in America were probably seen as stupid and even more bestial for their incapability to understand the new language they were surrounded with. In addition to their practically non-existent rights as a piece of property in America, slaves had literally no say because they could not speak the native lounge.
4) What specific historical figures, institutions, or events in the film connected with figures, institutions, or events you have encountered in class reading? I overall thought the tone of the film was very much historically accurate and that it in no way contradicted our text book. It gave a horrifying yet accurate depiction of the slave’s journey across the Atlantic sea, which is also described in our textbook. The film in particular connected in regards to the historical figures John Quincy Adams, John Calhoun, and Pr...

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...e than death.
7) What from this film, would you say is of most historical value?- Out of everything in the film, I think I received the most historic education on the topic of the slave ships and the horrors they gave rise to. The cinematics were marvelous and the atrocities sent a chill down my spine. I learned how on slave ships, if the cargo was too heavy or the stench to strong, sailors would tie slaves to an anchor, and throw them over board. Personally, seeing this was a reminder that sometimes we don’t know how big a mistake we’re making until many years later. However, the frightening prospect proposed next is this: If at the time slave ships like the Amistad were deemed perfectly acceptable in society, what if we are doing something that repulsive in society right now, but won’t recognize it ever and it will be the next generation to lecture on our errors.

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