Film Review : Horror And Horror Films Essay

Film Review : Horror And Horror Films Essay

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Review Essay
The genre of horror when associated to film, it reflects on a vast variety of issues but when examined for the cultural significance it is narrower to what the aim is. This review surveys multiple scholarly sources from different aspects of the purpose of horror films. This literature review justifies that horror is derived from the fear and guilt within our psychological minds. I will argue that the cultural significance of this genre relates back to the emotional appeals that are conjured up when viewing these films.

In classical Hollywood cinema, horror films were produced in the notion that as human beings we enjoy the concept of being scared and take it as a form of entertainment. This review examines five scholarly peer-reviewed articles that converse viewpoints of the origin of horror as a movie genre. To slender down these sources, I initiated with assembling twenty-five sources from the database that is Brock super search. I discovered these articles by using the keyword “Horror” and merging with other words such “Culture”, and “Genre”. The articles examined in the review are from 2015-2016 and discovered in articles or academic journals.

In the article by Nessa Johnston (2015) called “The Voiceless Acousmêtre
”(Johnston, 2015) observes the auditory personification inside the larger framework of
found footage horror 's cultural significance in the film Paranormal Activity (Oren
Peli, 2007). Johnston bestows the claim that her symposium aims to evaluate “ it is a kind

of mismatch of representational frameworks that creates suspense, tension and horror in

the film – Micah’s ‘in universe’ home movie filmmaking is transcended in the viewing

experience by the manner in which the demonic presence is...

... middle of paper ...

...ell be the horror film’s way of hacking away at its audience to engage with guilt. Admit who you are. Admit what you did.” (Kord, 2016) The author questions other theorists with an ample amount of valid research from validated sources.

Thus, with the analysis of these five scholarly sources TS Kord has the best research paper in my judgment due to his use of various claims, references to the historical wars, and past films. Kord brilliantly employs quantitative research in the form of statistics. It clearly states the cultural significance of horror films and the purpose they serve to human beings who view them. It explains the racial differences of different cultures and the history of them. It talks about the age differences of children and adults and their expected roles and capability of power. This article investigates the claim and backs it up with warrants.

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