Essay on Film Review for Coal Miner's Daughter

Essay on Film Review for Coal Miner's Daughter

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The Coal Miner’s Daughter, an influential film, first shown in 1980, was voted an Academy Award Winning Motion Picture. This film depicts a young girl’s life who lived in a coal mining town, had a journeying life, and become a famous country singer. This motion picture was not produced purposing pure societal entertainment, but rather the accurate portrayal of Loretta Lynn’s personal life. The film Coal Miner’s Daughter, illustrates Loretta Lynn’s life’s obstacles of family struggles, influential friends, and emotional tactics of life’s exertion.
Family life was hard and time-consuming, during the 1930’s. Loretta Lynn, born the first child of her seven siblings in 1932. Her parents, Ted and Clara Webb, raised the family in Butcher Holler, Kentucky. During this time, Loretta and her family budgeted tightly, sharing the countries financial crisis. Centered around Butcher Holler, Kentucky, the movie depicted insights what coal mining families experienced do the little they had. The movie showed many houses made of wood and mud. This parallel Loretta states “it was a very nice and insolated house, but annual repairs were mandatory” (Loretta Lynn 34). This financial struggle pointed to the “coal mining operation; affected by the British companies invested coal in the Unites States companies” (European Union para. 1). Not receiving a higher pay due the massive production of coal mining, families were tight resource users. Even the film portrayed a scene shows the Webb family getting brand new pairs of shoes and the excitement they had. One song that Loretta wrote, she said they only got one pair of shoes a year. Kids went the summer without shoes, and getting new ones when winter approached. However, even though the Webb...

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... first lady Loretta Lynn, pictured a very well depicted movie about the life, people and emotional adventures Loretta took through her musical career. Coal Miner’s Daughter, a feature based film on a book written by Loretta Lynn, put forth, and therefore presented itself a historically accurate history piece.

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