Essay on The Film Pocahontas And John Smith

Essay on The Film Pocahontas And John Smith

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The first film that was viewed in class is Disney’s Pocahontas. Pocahontas is supposed to be based off of history, but Disney fails horribly. They had the money and the resources that they needed to invent the film closer to the actual recreation of history. It was the drive of greed which made them produce Pocahontas in reel history instead of real history. If Pocahontas is full of inaccuracies, even though, the film is trying to recreate what happened, why do people still love it?
In the film Pocahontas, there are numerousness inaccuracies, but there is also some truth. The first inaccuracy of the film is how Pocahontas and John Smith fell in love. Accounts of the real history show that Pocahontas and John Smith did not have any romantic interest in each other. In fact John Smith was said to be twenty seven and happened to be a great deal older than Pocahontas who was said to be only twelve. John Smith only thought of Pocahontas as a little sister. Another inaccuracy in typical Disney fashion was a talking object that wasn’t a person. In history and present there has and never will be a talking tree that gives advice. The last inaccuracy is how The Algonquian’s and the English settlers went to war right away. At first, the Native Americans helped the Settlers plant food and navigate the land. It wasn’t until the settlers turned greedy that the Natives starting fighting with them. One fact that Disney captured right is that Pocahontas saved John Smiths life. When John Smith was taken by the Algonquian’s and almost killed Pocahontas saves his life. Another truth that Disney shows is the fact that Pocahontas is the daughter of the Algonquian chief Powhatan. I happen to be uncertain if there were more accuracy’s in the film, but I ...

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... sparks my interest. I also wonder why they did not try to incorporate more accurate information considering they had the resources and the money to achieve it. Disney had the chance to create the film Pocahontas closer to the true history, but they didn’t. I don’t know if they were trying to form their version of Pocahontas and John Smith greater than the real life version, and if they were they failed. The real life John Smith and Pocahontas happen to be just as important as the Disney characters. I feel awful for the actors who voiced the characters and all the criticism that was thrown their way. It could not have been easy for them, but the actors who portrayed Pocahontas and John Smith did a wonderful job. If the actors had more information on the historical figures that they were portraying and the film was more accurate I feel like they could have improved.

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