The Film Of The Documentary ' Miss Representation ' Essay

The Film Of The Documentary ' Miss Representation ' Essay

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The title of the documentary is Miss Representation. The title has great significance
because it demonstrates that the whole film is going to be about women’s roles in the
media and how they are wrongly portrayed in almost every role. Being shown as over
sexualized objects rather than humans with brains and demonstrating the lack of
representation of women in roles of power. Women’s lack of representation in power and
misrepresentation can be shown through the unrealistic beauty women have by looking to
the media, the demonstration of women as objects focusing on their sexuality in many
advertisements, women in many films who gain power through their femininity and
sexuality rather than intelligence, and the prejudice women in roles of power face by
news sources making it more about their gender rather than their political stance. All of
these examples show how women still lack respect in our society and are constantly
being pushed out of traditional, male leadership roles.
2.) In the documentary there is an overview of women’s roles in films from the 1920s to
1940s. These roles are much different than the roles women play in films from the past
decade. From1920 to 1940 women were considered to be much more mysterious in films
and they played very dynamic, multifaceted characters. There was the role of the “femme
fatale” who was dangerous and could actually take the power away from men. Women
embodied many contradictions and could be both the mother and the seductress. As time

has pasted and we enter present day where women’s roles in media lack depth. In almost
every film we watch we see the same character over and over again. The female is in
need, she is young and beautiful (highly sexualized), and in order to retain and keep

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... Feraro was running for
the first female vice president they cared more that she was size six rather than the fact
that she was the first female vice presidential candidate. Another example is Elizabeth
Dole, when she was running for president she was coming in second place but all people
could focus on was her hair and appearance. In many election articles, women are 90%
more likely to be displayed as emotional over men. In the end this is perpetuating the
stereotype that women are more emotional than men. The most powerful example of
false representation of women in politics is Sarah Palin being demoralized throughout her
campaign for being hyper feminine and Hilary Clinton being titled the “bitch” for being
more powerful and masculine. The media still treats power as defined by men and until
that changes women will continue to struggle with gaining power in office.

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