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Film Making A Great Movie Essay

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Film making is one of the hardest businesses to break into, so people need the right tools and opportunities to be successful. “‘For years, we’ve been meeting kids who should be winning Oscars, but no one has ever heard of them,’ said [Brad] Parks” (Kaufman). A person can make a great movie, but unless that person has the right connections their product may not ever reach a large audience. Some people try to propel themselves into the business after high school, and some people go to college to get a degree in their study of interest. If some student choses the college path, typically they are trying to gain more knowledge and information about what career path they chose to follow, for example; producing, directing, cinematography, or screenwriting. At Arizona State University, the Bachelor of Arts in Film is a strong choice for up and coming film makers who want the resources for success, hands on experience, and numerous networking and career opportunities.
The film program at Arizona State provides resources to their students for them to be successful. Those students have to use their passion and drive themselves to create the best work. Whatever the student’s study of interest is, the program has resources for them to develop their skills. On Arizona State’s website the film program describes what their students do as, “develop[ing] expertise in a variety of film professions, including management, marketing, distribution, and producing” (ASU BA of film). Students at Arizona State are able to practice, helping create films in some aspect, what their career of interest would require them to do at an elevated level of education. The school also provides the useful equipment for the students to use, so they can have the best pro...

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...nd a Maori cultural experiences” (ASU study abroad). These are types of opportunities that students can take advantage of, where it will give them international experience and help with networking.
The film program at Arizona State University has the resources and opportunities to help make the students successful. They get the experience needed to create their portfolio, and there are also many career and networking opportunities. Even though Arizona State offers this, ultimately it is up to the students to make the best of their opportunities and use the recourses offered to help forward their careers in film making. This is extremely important with the film business being hard to break into. While the first movie a student will make may not be Oscar material, it should be a goal to constantly improve their work so they can become well known in the film industry.

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