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During the 20th century, there was a lot of difference of opinions over White and Hispanic relationships, Yankee and Texan relationships across regions, old money vs new money, generational differences, and role of women in politics, religion in politics, and the impact of oil industry.
The film Giant takes place between the 1920s and the 1950s, and it is in this time that the Hispanics were not recognized as equals to the white people. (Producers Stevens and Ginsberg & Director Stevens, 1956). According to Maxwell, Crain, Jones, Davis, and Flores, (2015) “Latinos were relegated to the lowest-paid jobs, as either service workers or farm workers” (p. 17). In Giant the Benedict’s family had many Hispanics farm workers who provide helpful hands around the house. In fact, the Hispanics even lived in a small village on the ranch, the village is unsanitary and falling apart, and can be seen through the run down homes and poor water supply. Leslie, Jordan Benedict’s wife, sees this and is disgusted by the living conditions. Throughout the film it becomes Leslie’s goal to improve the Hispanic village’s living conditions, at one point she even send the Benedict’s family doctor to the village to tend to an dying baby. Leslie’s constant services provided to the Hispanic workers becomes controversial and Jordan, her husband, does not understand her compassion toward Hispanics (Producers Stevens and Ginsberg & Director Stevens, 1956). This is significant to show how wise Leslie was about racism in the 1920s. According to Maxwell et al. (2015), it was not until Hernandez v. State of Texas in 1954 when the United States Supreme Court Justices rule that “Latinos were protected by the Constitution from discrimination by other whites” (p.19).
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...s on the war title, was religion really open in politics.
To summarize Giant, there are many themes that are consistent through the film. Disputes on how to treat people becomes an issue over race; whether or not Hispanics deserve to be treated with the same opportunities as white people. This was also the case for opinions towards women understanding and participating in politics. It took some time for women to become confident and comfortable with the idea of participating in such a life changing decision. Giant proves that with time anything can change, such as, racism and discrimination. Just as in W. over time religion in politics became more common and socially acceptable. Even openly talking about religion has changed since the 1920, it is now common for people to discuss faith and religious practices. It does take a while for change to happen, but it will.

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