The Film Freedom Writers ( 2007 ) Essay

The Film Freedom Writers ( 2007 ) Essay

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In the film Freedom Writers (2007), there are two social policies that are depicted through the film. The first policy was the result of Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) the Supreme Court decision that ordered the desegregation of public schools through the United States (US) (Cantor & Zirkel, 2004). Through the Brown vs. Board of Education case, this force schools to voluntary integrate students to schools that are outside their neighborhood boundary. Although the Supreme Court ruling was given in 1954, studies have shown that racial integration and racial justice in education remain largely segregated by race (Cantor & Zirkel, 2004). Still many students of color are disproportionately likely to find themselves in poorly funded schools with few resources to provide an adequate education. Equal access to education was the purpose of Brown vs. Board of Education. However, the US still finds it pragmatic for schools especially in low to poverty areas being able to access education equally. Research has shown that students of color who are integrated in high performing schools, academically are better off than their colored peers who are not in high performing schools (Cantor & Zirkel, 2004).
In Freedom Writers (2007), Ms. Gruwell’s students came from different parts of Long Beach, California, which was shown in the movie to be low poverty and poverty areas. The students in room 203 were students who were voluntary integrated into Woodrow Wilson HS that as administration called it a “scholarly school.” Ms. Campbell emphasized that Woodrow Wilson HS, was a high performing school, until “they” came. Ms. Campbell had her biased against the students of color, especially students in room 203, that they were unable to be “taug...

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... student’s IEP services by implementation. Many students with IEPs, were unable to receive their specialized services due to the lack of school resources and supports. Therefore, many students with IEPs in public sectors were then relocated to schools that had funds to allocate more resources or private schools settings. These placements in private schools were all financed by the school district due to their requirement to provide students with special needs appropriate services academically. School placement in private schools gave students with specialized education an upper hand in achieving their IEP goals that may not of been feasible in their current schools. These private placements that were funded by the school district, assist families who financially could not provide these types of private placements for their student who may needed these additional

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