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The film City of God is based in the slums of Brazil , also called “favelas” where crime and delinquency dominate the neighborhood. The main characters of the film exhibit deviant behaviors in which different theories can be applied to explain their actions. The four theories best used to explain this behavior are concentric zone, social strain, differential association , and social bond theory. The group of characters come from a poor and crime infested neighborhood called the City of God. The characters of discussion are Lil’ Ze, Benny, Rocket, Knockout Ned, and Carrot which are the main players throughout the film. The types of criminal behavior conducted in the neighborhood are theft, murder, drug dealing, and rape.
The Concentric zone model created by Ernest Burgess is used to explain the social structures of urban society. The different zones within urban society can be used to explain concentration of social classes and specialized uses of land in respect to criminal activity. In relation to the favelas this zone is primarily a low-income minority class with high activity of deviance. Burgess explains Zone II as an environment conductive to a wide variety of individual maladjustments and social problems. This is also called the Zone of Transition between the commercial center of the city and established residential areas. The residents of these areas are surrounded by cycles of instability with disorganization. (Thompson 159). The characters of the film are raised in this specific zone where they have limited access to resources and positive authoritative figures. For example, Lil’Ze the most powerful hoodlum of the city was raised in slum housing where people are homeless, drug addicts, and have issues of adjustment....

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...he death of his strongest social bond Benny whom balanced Lil’Ze and was his only social attachment. After losing Benny Lil’Ze became ruthless and goes on a rampage. In conclusion, Hirshi stated that delinquents tend to have relatively weak social bonds and consequently feel little remove for violating generally accepted social standards. Social bonding explains the role that attachment plays into the basic values and expected behaviors of society.
The various theories discussed give insight to socially constructed deviant behavior. City of God is filled with juvenile delinquency that brings awareness to issues within impoverished neighborhoods. The four theories discussed help explain the actions of the characters and allow for a better comprehension of the film. City of God brings to perspective the importance of understanding delinquent behavior amongst juveniles.

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