Film Babies : Cultural Universals And Norms Essay

Film Babies : Cultural Universals And Norms Essay

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The movie ‘’BABIES’’ is about babies from San Francisco, Japan, Namibia, and Mongolia and It showed how they interact with people and things around them. It helps people see how the parents take care of their babies in different cultures and how they are similar in some ways. The documentary shows the four different cultural babies from right after birth until they can walk. Everyone has a different way of how to take care of their babies; people don’t have the same cultural background so people take care of their babies differently. The 2010 film Babies demonstrates example of cultural universals and norms while viewing the distinct cultural differences between the cultures of Namibia, Mongolia, Japan and the United States from the conflict Theory
Namibia and Mongolia are not as advance opposed to Japan and San Francisco. Japan and San Francisco face social changes because their society is different from what it was fifty years ago. They have technologies to help them communicate better. Also they have baby preprogram that will help the baby develop better and help the parents to understand the way the baby develop better. Namibia and Mongolia don’t have the opportunities like the other two places do because they are lack of social changes. Culture universals general cultural traits that exist in all cultures and I noticed that we take care of babies in similar ways. It is our responsibility to take care of our child and keep them safe. That means feed the, bath them, entertain them and do whatever we can to keep them healthy Japan and San Francisco seem to have lots of food for everyone but Mongolia would skin the cows and other animals outside getting it ready for the meal; while his or her son is playing right beside the d...

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...t everyone has the opportunity like Japan ad San Francisco when it comes to social change. They have whole bunch of baby programs and activities that you can do that involves with babies. Those places have improved society to make it better for kids, and how to take care of their babies, while some places are lacked social change but it is not their fault. It is just taking them longer to develop. They just know how to take care of their babies from instinct and from what they know. Everybody learns things differently and does things differently; people are not the same so they have to do things differently that will fit their culture background and that will feel right for them. Everyone is unique but they all have one thing in common; they all love their babies. Babies provide a critical analysis of culture and norms through the lens of the conflict perspective.

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