Film Analysis: Slacker 1991 Essay

Film Analysis: Slacker 1991 Essay

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“Slacker” (1991) is an independent film by director “Richard Linklater”. It's a character-based
fiction, structured with many individual scenes forming a feature film without an apparent narrative.
The film is portraying bits of everyday life of several eccentric people in Austin, Texas.
The film is built up in a way that every scene presents new characters, and after the scene is over
you will never see the same characters again. The camera floats from scene to scene by following
different characters from one location to another.
Like normal three-act-structure'd films, “Slacker” has no protagonist to lead a plot line. It's
therefore no plot to connect the scenes to each other, creating many individual scenes with their
own mini-narrative.
The scenes are linked together to a full-length film, not by a plot, but by physically travelling with
the camera around the city.
In comparison to normal three-act-structured films, I think there's many similarities and many
differences to “Slacker”
Most of the scenes in “Slacker”, like in normal structure'd films, establishes flaws and inner
conflicts in the characters, but offer no solution or resolution to their problems, but rather drift on to
another place with other characters.
Many of the scenes are built up by very few cuts, or even one-takes. I think this is a way of
enhancing the slow, everyday feeling I think the film is trying to describe.
I often feel like cuts are'nt being used to show new emotions, but often more to drive the film in
other physical directions.

And In regular character-based films, close-ups are used to get the audience involved in what's
going on in the protagonist's head. I can't remember seeing any clos-ups throughout “...

... middle of paper ... to a single character. He allows the
viewer a brief glimpse into the lives of the individuals before the camera moves onto
a new character therefore it journey onto an unknown path leaving no room for
character development.
I would like to conclude by; comparing Slacker’s narrative structure and my term
film, titled Lone Wolf it is obvious the Director for Lone Wolf approached this project
with the Three – Act Structure writing process.My experimental film revolves
around various character problems followed by different solutions for each of the
three main characters’, thereafter the film ends with the benefits of the eventual
Whereas Slacker has no clear narrative structure because the characters’ in the film
never reconnect. Thus making it impossible to create a turning point in the story,
which would have raised the dangers in the plot.

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