Film Analysis On The Neanderthal Man Of The Era 10.000 Bce Essay

Film Analysis On The Neanderthal Man Of The Era 10.000 Bce Essay

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Film Analysis on: 10,000 BC
This is not a movie review of the movie 10.000 BC but an analysis on the first characters that we meet in the beginning of the film the Neanderthal man of the era 10.000 BCE. I will try to discuss the culture, lifestyle, clothing, religion, and beliefs presented in the first 20 minutes of the theatrical epic adventures of these characters.
The film 10.000 BC depicts a humanoid culture building pyramids by harnessing elephants in what appeared to be the Nile River valley. There were three human species: Neanderthals, Homo sapiens, and a third humanoid species. The opening scene shows a Neanderthal clan on Ice Age tundra. Wherein, 10,000 BC begins with the story of the main character; a hunter of Mammoth Elephants (ancient animals like elephants), who is a young member of a “Nomad Tribe.10,000 BC was a perspective film with-in the time line of presumably the start of life of the early Neolithic period. While the characters of this epic film journey to the land of the unknown; for the sake of his settlement and to save their tribe from extinction. Thus, this is very interesting as we examine the wares and condition of the established settlement at the beginning sequences of the film. This is expressed in the timeline of the film and corresponds within current historical sciences. The clothing worn by characters in the first scenes does correlate with that of archeological findings, which have been discovered by paleontologists and archaeologists. The fur skins worn, un-tanned leather, and matted hair worn by said characters, would suggest that the finding of pre-historic man and “HIS” dress depict correlating stature of life at that time would be correct, and in proper representation of the time. Plain ...

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...heir part of Europe.
You know, this is not an educational film. The Neanderthals had a very primitive society and constructed their homes from mud with grass roofs or lived among themselves in earthen caves or ached log frame structures and draped with animal hides. Buildings and such construction methods were very limiting. We are not sure what life was like era’s ago. I do think it may be an even match in the end. I cannot decide if it is worse to propagate 10,000 BC as evolutionary theory, or to propagate intelligent design as a theory of evolution. Moreover, what was going on in the world 10,000 years ago? Here is where you know everything is wildly inaccurate in the film, but find yourself in a forgiving mood because the action is so terrific and the concept design is entertaining at best. 10,000 BC was actually so historically inaccurate but it entertained you.

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