Essay on Film Analysis Of The Movie Alice In Wonderland

Essay on Film Analysis Of The Movie Alice In Wonderland

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The piece I chose to write about that we learned in class is the movie Alice in Wonderland. The movie is about a girl, Alice, who has a dream about chasing a white rabbit into this magic hole, where she meets odd characters and must stay on the Queens good side. The movie was made in 1951 and was produced by Walt Disney. The idea of Alice in Wonderland came from a book written in 1865 called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Look-Glass by Lewis Carroll. Walt Disney was working on the getting things for the movie such as the script and animation drawings while world war 2 was starting in 1939. Due to the war starting and realizing how much work was going to be needed for the movie he put everything on hold. After the war in 1945, they started working on an all animation film and re-wrote the script to focus on “comedy, music, and the whimsical side to Carroll’s book” (Alice).
The text in Alice in Wonderland is what catches a lot of people’s attention. One of the main things in the movie is the bright colors and trippy aspects. The vibrant colors help spark the liveliness of the movie, along with the allusions Alice has in her dream creates a lot of curiosity of what this foreign land is. Her curiosity is what leads her to every next scene in Wonderland. In addition, the food that Alice eats helps her grow or shrink depending on what event she will have to overcome next. The Queen of Hearts also plays a big role in the movie for example Alice is at the queen’s palace, the queen is very rude to her and her workers.
The subtext in movies, books, paintings, etc. is an important aspect to the piece that most people overlook. In Alice in Wonderland, there’s a lot of deep meaning in the subtext of the movie. For example, t...

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...ole to a foreign land. Within this foreign land, they must learn how to get through and get back, using their resources such as their cats. Alice has the Cheshire Cat and Coraline has her own pet cat, where both cats can speak to the girls as messengers and can vanish and appear again. These movies both end happily as Alice does indeed stay on the queen’s good side so she doesn’t get killed and Coraline does escape being trapped in the other world. Although these movies are both very similar, they do have their differences. One major difference is Coraline is a stop-motion film, meaning that physical objects are moved and taken pictures of, so when put in fast motion it makes the illusion of movement, while Alice in Wonderland was just an animation movie. Another big difference is Alice in Wonderland is a bright funny movie, whereas Coraline is a dark twisted movie.

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