Film Analysis: Iconic Characters in SUbejct 42 Revolution and The Film Elysium

Film Analysis: Iconic Characters in SUbejct 42 Revolution and The Film Elysium

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The iconic character within Subject 42 Revolution is Silus the antagonist in our film. An iconic villain reference for term project aesthetically and performance wise would be Kruger from the film Elysium (2013) a sleeper agent that works for Secretary Jessica Delacourt as a covert.

Kruger eliminates problems as they arrive. Kruger is notorious for carrying out numerous human rights violations, including rape and torture. President Pate dismisses Kruger after killing innocent people. Kruger finds himself re-employed by Jessica when Max Da Costa and Spider’s crew attacks John Carlyle, a CEO stationed on Earth. Stealing data the critically change who controls the Elysium sanctuary to the wealthy and healthy whilst people live on earth’s surface where the world has fallen to despair and given way to favelas. Kruger goes from being a brute mercenary who loves nothing more than killing to a man with political ambitions so big that he wants to take over Elysium. Kruger is a psychopathic villain, a human rights violator. He enjoys using an excessive amount of force without consequences a...

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