Film Analysis : Film And Media Industry Essay

Film Analysis : Film And Media Industry Essay

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This year’s Oscar nominees caused an uproar in the African American community due to the lack of color representation. Of course the Black films that did earn a spot on the nomination chart didn’t grant the award or nomination to the people of color involved with the film. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg, for a little over a century, black characters have been Whitewashed, portrayed via Blackface, stereotyped, or exploited in the film industry. While there have been ups and downs in progress, Black representation in the film and media industry is still a recurring problem. There are outstanding individuals who succeed at combating these tribulations, however there’s still an overwhelming majority that has yet to thoroughly recognize, acknowledge and solve these problems – which ultimately leads to limiting and restricting how much these Black individuals can succeed.
Hollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world, in a country that prides itself on being a mixing pot of different cultures, yet there still continues to be a diversity issue in Hollywood. Statistics show that roughly eighty percent of main characters in the top grossing films are White and only fourteen percent of main characters are African American. Shockingly enough, statistics also show that people of color, while only comprising a fraction of the population, put a pretty large dent in box office ticket sales. Author of Multicultural Psychology, Jeffrey Mio, suggests that “part of it [lack of diversity in film] is that people cast people that they feel comfortable with and so if someone has a familiar background you feel more comfortable with them.” So, because for many of these top grossing films, much of the crew behind the making of t...

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...eps forward, there’s steps back, but we’re evolving.” There are successes and steps being made on behalf of the African American community to promote and stimulate this need for diversity and accurate representation in film. American Black Film Festival and BET teamed up in February to celebrate Black film and award and recognize those who were snubbed in the Oscars. Founder and CEO of ABFF said, “Twenty years ago, I created the American Black Film Festival to spotlight the rich diversity of talent and achievement. It was born out of my love for film and desire to ensure that Black people gained opportunity and equity in every arena of Hollywood. I am truly honored to partner with BET to showcase the work of our most talented artists.” These are steps and efforts that are created to uplift and propel the Black cinematic community forward, despite certain setbacks.

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