Essay on Film: A Dying Art or an Evolving Franchise?

Essay on Film: A Dying Art or an Evolving Franchise?

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Filmmaking, the art of the motion picture, is a comparatively new art form that combines a moving image in conjunction with sound, primarily to tell a story. Due to the medium of capturing the image is evolving, so is the art in its entirety. Modern technology is allowing a more cheaper, streamlined form of production, thus rendering older methods unnecessary. Celluloid filmmaking is the old method of capturing film on a negative film strip and developing it later in its most natural state, whereas digital film is capturing synthetic and manipulatable pixels on a computer-like device. Digital filmmaking should be a primary film medium but not completely eradicate the dying celluloid film culture.
Technology has propelled the film industry into investing in cheaper, more effective means of receiving the same cinematic look and quality while providing a streamlined process to easily manipulate the image in post production. R.C. Varenas, a writer and filmmaker tells us upfront that digital filmmaking is cheaper (Varenas). “What once cost $100,000 might now cost $10,000” (Varenas). The cost for a celluloid camera can vary from $100,000 to $500,000, whereas the cheapest digital cameras can start at $99 and go upward of $100,000. The price differences give different variations on quality and versatility of the cameras allowing anyone on a small budget to purchase or rent one. In a film, the limitations for the production come down to the budget; this extends to beyond filming it, but editing the image as well.
Digital film allows for the image to be easily edited in post production, such as adding visual effects or changing the color of a shot. Though this is effective for many motion pictures trying to achieve this outcome, it does n...

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...has to show to the investors and determine if the decisions were worth it.

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