Filling the Void with Love, Religion, and Vegetables: Vegetable Love by Annette Grim

Filling the Void with Love, Religion, and Vegetables: Vegetable Love by Annette Grim

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As humans, it is natural to seek to fill a void and people do so in different ways. Some choose to follow any choice of an array of religions. Others take a more secular path and venture into the worlds of illegal substances and alcohol. There are others still who believe that they are unable to be whole unless they have their soul mate by their side every second of every day. In “Vegetable Love” Annette Grim, a vigorous vegetarian, refers to her void as her spot. It is described as “a sort of Cartesian pineal gland that existed within her right rib cage. ‘This is its place, my body’s soul lives here.’” Annette says about her spot that is specific to each person (456). When she and Ferguson enter into a relationship Ferguson begins the search for his spot. At first he seems to shrug it off, but when Annette leaves he becomes obsessed. “Vegetable Love” emphasizes obsessions with love and the human need of filling a void by pairing love and vegetarianism and providing religious allusions to emphasize the importance of voids in love and religion.
Although a specific religion is not laid out in the story, Annette’s approach to her vegetarian lifestyle is not so different from some religious practices. When Ferguson takes an interest in Annette he steps into a world he is none too familiar with and begins his quest as a new vegetarian with Annette, as if he is taking on a new religion. Annette is leading him. Ferguson proposes to her, but she says to him “I don’t think it can ever work out permanently until you have your spot too” and it sounds almost self-righteous, as if she is too good for him. Similarly in religion, some religious people look down on others because of different beliefs. Also in religion, people don’t always stay on...

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...on is reborn, just as Jesus Christ.
When Ferguson announces to the city what he now knows he begins to run. Ferguson returns back through the Garden of Eden to Caesar’s Salad. He simply asks Kathleen to run with him. She responds by removing her apron and begins to run side by side with him. It seems almost out of a fantasy, but it is a new beginning for a new man and a new woman. The story follows a simple line of man meets woman, man loves woman, and woman might love man. Man makes mistake, woman leaves. Man tries to fix it, man loses himself. Man meets new woman, man finds himself, and man and new woman run off together. That is all this story is without the religion and allusions. No one wants to read that. But the allusions add deeper meanings to even the smallest things, like a cardboard peacock, and they make the big things even bigger, like a ten inch filet.

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