The Figurative Language of the Bible Essay

The Figurative Language of the Bible Essay

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In 2011, the Barna Group completed and published the results of a five-year study on why many teens are turning away from Christian churches. The research showed that one-fourth of these skeptical young adults felt that “Christianity is anti-science” . This statistic should not be too surprising because Christians are notorious for their steadfast beliefs in Genesis 1 which states that the universe was created by God in just 6 days. Obviously, this tale contradicts countless scientific records and theories, making a life of faith practically unachievable for any science-minded individual. But contrary to popular belief, no one has to choose a side. There is no need to abandon trust in a higher power for scientific evidence or vice versa because the two are congruent. The story of the six days of creation as told in the book of Genesis is truth, however it would be a fallacy to take the story literally, since taking it literally would not account for discrepancy in human perspective, language barriers and mistranslation of text, and lack of applied scientific knowledge.
Every human being has a unique interpretation of what they see and hear. This interpretation, often times referred to as perspective, is developed and influenced by a multitude of occurrences. This most often includes the conditions in which one was raised, the experience of great loss or pain, or the achievement of success. No matter the situation or person, perception always affects the way a story is told and received. For example, if there were a car crash that involved two different cars, every eye witness would be asked to give a statement of what was seen (this is key; the witnesses are not asked about what happened, but what was seen). After all of the stat...

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... him to enhance the poem for the sake of literature.

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