Fighting in a War You Disagree With Essay

Fighting in a War You Disagree With Essay

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O’Brien says “I would go to the war—I would kill and maybe die—because I was embarrassed not to” while describing his reason for ultimately deciding to go to war. This statement exhibits embarrassment’s ability to overpower a man’s fear of war and even his drive to follow his notions and stand up for what he believes in. O’Brien disregarded his hatred for this “wrong war” along with his fear and reluctance to die for it. He decided that he would rather go and fight simply because he couldn’t “endure the mockery, or the disgrace, or the patriotic ridicule” that he knew would come his way soon after skipping town and heading for Canada. He even knew that running away and hiding, as ironic as it sounds, was the braver thing to do because it would mean that he had stood up for what he believed in, despite the inevitable embarrassment it would cause.
There was a lot of pressure put on those men who were drafted during this time period. One component of this pressure was society’s views of masculinity. Men were supposed to be unafraid of the dangers of war if it meant they would be able...

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