Fightin' the System Essay

Fightin' the System Essay

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They were coming out of the hospital when they noticed walkers had gathered outside the emergency room entrance. "Shit!" Daryl growled under his breath as he crouched down, pulling Merle with him. There must have been at least 20 of them.

"Where tha f**k did they come from?" Merle whispered under his breath. "Tha f**k does it matter? We got ta get out of here 'fore they see us." Daryl growled. Just then one of the walkers turned its head and sniffed the air, it looked over its shoulder and noticed them crouching down. It started growling and moving towards them, alerting the others of their presence.

"Move! Get to tha car!" Daryl yelled to Merle, pushing him to his feet. They took off running towards the parking lot as the small herd shuffled behind them, their arms outstretched, hungry for their flesh.

"Faster!" Daryl shouted over his shoulder at him. Merle was behind him, their bag of supplies dangling from one arm, leaving his other arm with the knife attachment, free to defend himself. "Tha hell ya think I'm doin', son? Paintin' my fuckin' toenails?" He wheezed out, ...

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