Essay on The Fight Over Wellness Education in Public Schools

Essay on The Fight Over Wellness Education in Public Schools

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How do we know that teenagers are getting all the information in sexual education class that they need? There have been restrictions of topics deemed “not suitable” for students in school. While teachers try to education teenagers on sex, because of the controversial nature of the subject, only focus on body parts and not what young adults need to know.
Sex/health educations in schools have only been around for about seventy-four years in schools. It has been argued for the past 30 or so years whether all-inclusive or “abstinence-only-until-marriage” (advocates) education should be taught in classes. “While most states and local school districts have policies regarding sex education, very few set standards on how to give students factual information about sex or teach them to develop healthy relationships. Even fewer attempts to evaluate what is covered in the classroom, and seventeen states don't even require sex education to be taught in public schools” (Sullivan par. 21). Advocates for youth is a website dedicated to teens/youth to help aid in sex and reproductive health education. With a pro-comprehensive sex education program students are taught that sex is a part of healthy part of human nature while sex education with an abstinence approach teaches to stifle this expression until their married life. With more open health education classes, students are still taught “about abstinence as the best method for avoiding STDs and unintended pregnancy, but also teaches about condoms and contraception to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and of infection with STDs, including HIV” (advocates).
Depending on the school district, some areas are geared towards an “abstinence – until – marriage” education as opposed to ...

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