The Fight Of Defeating Drug Abuse Essay

The Fight Of Defeating Drug Abuse Essay

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One of the most important aspects of defeating drug abuse is to treat those who are already addicted. An astronomical amount of people around the world suffer from drug addiction every day. Not only are the abusers hurting themselves, but they are hurting the people around them too. The moral values that one used to have are thrown out the window, which is exactly what happened to Brittany. Many people are prone to believe that they can quit whenever they please, however, this usually isn’t the case, and it is essential that they receive professional care. Brittany became clean after checking herself into a residential treatment program. “Five years later, she 's so committed to staying clean that she runs a treatment center for women, called Lighthouse Recovery Institute” (Larsen ¶ 19). Most would agree that the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that the problem exists. Professional care must be provided to addicts, and help them understand what’s going on. Drug treatment facilities do a very good job accomplishing this. Depending on the severity of an addict’s problem, they may receive treatment periodically, or may be required to live in a treatment facility for an extended period of time. These programs offer the proper counseling and attention needed for a patient to drop their addiction. Doctors can also give counselors the descriptions of a patient’s conditions to aid them. In some cases, substitute drugs are given to a rehabilitee in decreasing amounts in order to relieve withdrawal symptoms (M2 Presswire, ¶ 8). More often than not, the patients who go through these programs are very likely to come out drug-free, however, need put themselves in positive situations to avoid factors that could potentially cause ...

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...n to reduce or prevent drug abuse is utterly important.
Prescription drug abuse in today’s society is a disease that an extraordinary amount of people suffer from. It is most certainly possible to reduce, if not, end this disease, as long as the proper steps are taken to do so. Regulations for medical providers are very crucial for the safety of the public, and proper training must be ensured. Prescription drug monitoring programs are also a key asset to keeping track of drugs, assuring that they will stay out of the hands of abusers at risk. Lastly, it is essential for people to come together to attend to the individuals who struggle with addiction every day. Society has taken highly beneficial substances, and has made them deadly. However, if the community can come together to solve these issues, the prescription drug abuse epidemic can finally be put to rest.

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