The Fight for True Love in Mechanics by Luis Rodrigues Essay

The Fight for True Love in Mechanics by Luis Rodrigues Essay

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How far are individuals willing to go in order to fight for the love of their lives? In the short story “Mechanics” by Luis Rodrigues he portrays the life of Enrique, a journeyman millwright worker who throughout the story fights for his marriage and the love of his wife. Enrique started working at the steel mill as a millwright apprentice at a very young age, it was the best job he was able to obtain with no studies needed. Enrique landed the job at the mill right after marrying Espie. He needed this job in order to help support his wife and his future kids. The job at the millwright promised up to fifteen dollars an hour, all benefits paid and pension. In order to obtain such benefits the workers had to give up most of their lifetime to the mill. The workers were expected to spend most of the time at the mill, which left little time to spend with their wives and family leading into fights and divorces. Unfortunately for the Enrique, he also had to go through this heart breaking process, but not without putting a fight to save his marriage. Classic love stories are mainly based on how far individuals are willing to go to save their love. In “Mechanics” is a classic love story as it portrays how far a certain individual like Enrique is willing to go in order to save the love and marriage of Espie. Enrique is willing to do many things to prove the love he has for Espie including, marrying her at a young age, protecting her from the things he perceives as being harmful. Enrique also acknowledges he was doing a harm to Espie by being an over protective husband and decides to let her go.
Love is a very strong feeling shared between two individuals which makes them want to be and spend time with each other. The feeling of love is wh...

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... two individuals, but unfortunately if you don’t take care of such love it can come to an end. The short story “Mechanics” by Louis Rodriguez is a great example of such love. Enrique a millwright worker was completely in love with his wife Espie. He showed such love by getting married at a young age, protecting her from what he believed were harmful situations to her and most important by letting her go not causing any further pain to her. “Mechanics” is a classic love story as it portrays the struggle that two individuals have to go through in order to find their true love. Classic love stories are mainly focused about love, about how far a certain individual is willing to go to save the love of her life which is portrayed in this short story by Enrique. “Mechanics” can be seen as a classic love story as it shows us the real struggle of love between two individuals.

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