Fight for the LGBT Community Rights Essay

Fight for the LGBT Community Rights Essay

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The fight for gay rights escalated to a debate between Separation of Church and State. This doctrine was created in the United States Supreme Court in 1947. This doctrine prohibits any federal, state, or local government preference or support for religion. This doctrine exists because of the first amendment of the Bill of Rights which basically states that there should not be a national church. You are free to exercise and express your religion, freedom of speech, and you can gather and petition the federal United States government (U.S.). Religious leaders think that it is against their religion to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, LGBT community, because it is sinful. While many people of religion are leaders in the community and organizations, discrimination against the LGBT community is relevant not only in churches, but in public places and organizations.

Same Sex Marriage
According to Geoffrey Stone, author of Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime, from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War on Terrorism, describes the Separation of Church and State in two forms, “Either they discriminate against certain religions (‘Jews may not serve as jurors’), or they endorse particular religions (‘schoolchildren must recite the Lord's Prayer’)”(Stone). California’s Proposition 8, wanted the ban of same-sex marriage. This proposition did not violate the church and state according to Stone because it did not restrict religious freedom or forces those to a certain religion. Some would argue that it does violate the Separation of Church and State. It put religious beliefs into law, trying to enforce that what they are doing is sinful. Some people says that Proposition 8 discriminates against the LGBT community, and ...

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