The Fight For The Freedom Of Slaves Essay

The Fight For The Freedom Of Slaves Essay

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On April 4 1886 general lee surrendered and the civil war ended. The fight for the freedom of slaves was over or so the entire country thought. This end was what was going to bring upon the country a time which in idea was supposed to be a time of more acceptance of everyone. The problem with that idea nonetheless is that, much like with a disgruntled ex-girlfriend, the many issues concerning the black community were never let go and/or fixed. As time continued to pass equality was never truly achieved. Soon enough the term separate but equal was created, but as we know now, inherently separate is not equal. The more and more that people realized that separate was not equal, the greater rise in fight for equality and defiance of the norm arose. A fight in particular that had disastrous consequences for everyone involved at the time and could have set their cause backwards but shell shocked the country into opening their eyes to see more of the truth. This movement, this fight that happened involved 13 American citizens, 7 black people and 6 white people, whom on May 4 1961 boarded 2 busses bound for New Orleans. During this ride however color did not matter. White, black, blue, purple, yellow, orange, or brown, whoever was on those busses suffered equally, but their suffering was not lost as they pushed their cause forward and impacted the country in an intense manner that to this day is still felt.

The reason for the bus ride through the south by the brave 13 people or as they called themselves , the freedom riders was to test the federal laws that were put in place to desegregate the south. This testing of the federal law was because of laws put in place in the south called the Jim Crow laws. These laws kept white people and co...

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...Dr. Kings Church. It does not come cheap to continuously have to send out military presence to various areas in the country. While the freedom riders were only 13 people, the people am sure they affected were everyone in the country. As normal people, the events that go on around the world us weigh down on us a great deal, that’s not to say the events that take place here at home. What the freedom riders were doing, while its end result was good for the country, they failed to realize that by them putting themselves in such horrendous situations, they were causing the country to shake and I can’t say that it was a good thing. It all led to a country with equality for all, but the during, the during is what could have broken the country, and instead of being a country for all it could have ended up being a country divided down the middle and more segregated than ever.

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