The Fight For Self Acceptance Essay

The Fight For Self Acceptance Essay

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The Fight For Self Acceptance
Sylvia Plath was an American poet that was born on October 27, 1932, in Boston Massachusetts. Plath lost her father at an early age. She was considered to be a phenomenal and troubled poet. At a young Plath won numerous amounts of academic awards. After she took an interest in writing, she obtained a scholarship to Smith College in 1950. Plath living in the 1950s was afflicted with the idea she had to get married, have children, as well as obtaining a career. During her college career, she suffered from major depression. In the summer of 1953 she attempted to kill herself by taking sleeping pills. She was placed in a mental health facility where she was treated with electroconvulsive shock treatments (Wagner- Martin 4). Eventually she recovered and obtained her degree in 1955 with summa cum laude. In 1956 she met another poet by the name of Ted Hughes and got married. Four years after they got married, they had their first child and two years later they had their second child. In 1962, Hughes left her for another woman; Sylvia Plath fell into a deep depression where she ended up taking her own life in 1963 by using her gas oven (Wagner- Martin 4). Many of her poems followed the theme of self acceptance. One of her most famous works where she wrote during the peak of her depression was “Mirror”. In the poem, “Mirror”, Plath presents a theme of self acceptance through the usage of many different literary elements like figurative language and symbols.
To portray the theme self acceptance in “Mirror”, Plath uses figurative language to help get her point across. Figurative language means when the words that are being written do not actually mean what they say. It causes the reader to use their imagina...

... middle of paper ...

...leads back to the theme of the poem, self acceptance.
Sylvia Plath’s, “Mirror”, conveys a theme of self acceptance through several different literal tactics like figurative language and symbols. She uses different types of figurative languages throughout her poem, like personifications, similes and irony. She uses personification to allude to the fact that the mirror is an actual person and the person is herself. Her usage of simile and irony helps one to see what she truly thinks of herself. Also she uses symbols to provide the reader with a true understanding of how the mirror is the only thing that represents the truth and cannot accept the way she looks. The “mirror” is considered to be the pathway in Sylvia Plath’s capability for self acceptance. Self Acceptance is not found in one day, it is something that one looks for during the entirety of his or her life.

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