Essay on The Fight For Gender Equality

Essay on The Fight For Gender Equality

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The fight for gender equality has gone on for decades, unfortunately it is still going on around the globe. It is a bigger problem in certain areas of the world compared to others, particularly in places with close religious ties. Men and women around the globe have fought hard for women to have equal rights; however, that is still not true today as women in certain cultures are still being oppressed by their society and religion, the United States is not exempt from this gender discrimination.
Woman are still views as sexually objects rather than human beings. Schools force girls to cover themselves up, by not showing body parts such as shoulders because it will distract the boys but, instead schools should be teaching boys not to think of girls in that way. Women will be scolded for showing too much of their legs, but men are allowed to walk around without shirts. Girls will even give each other labels based on clothing; “[T]his is how to hem a dress when you see the hem coming down and so to prevent yourself from looking like a slut I know you are so bent on becoming” (259). If a woman is raped, it is said that one of the first questions asked is what she was wearing before she got raped. People try to spin rape into it being the woman’s fault. It is her fault because of what she was wearing, no matter the outfit. The media plays a major role in shaping how society views women. It is a powerful network that can make or break people. Miley Cyrus blended in to the background after leaving Disney, but by selling her body to the world she was able to reclaim fame. Miley’s performance at the VMA’s left people stunned, unable to believe that the girl twerking on a married man with children was once the beloved pop star, H...

... middle of paper ... for the same job that a man does. It is easy for men to avoid the feminist movement because it does not work in their favor. It also may be harder for them to see that women are treated differently because they are not a woman, thus they have not been able to personally experience the hardships that come with being a women. Years after the fight for women’s rights women are still being denied basic fundamental rights to make them equal to men.
Even after the centuries that have gone by women are still treated as second class citizens. Men are not superior to women and it is time that the voices of women to be heard around the world. For far too long women have been outcasts in society, but this ends now. People need to be educated on the unjust treatment of women in order to build a better society, which begins by changing the minds of one person at a time.

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