Essay about The Fight Against Drug Abuse

Essay about The Fight Against Drug Abuse

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In 1971 President Richard Nixon declared an all out War on Drugs. Since this call to arms, the prison population in America has grown almost nine times greater (BOP), while the unintentional drug overdose rate in the United States has risen just as much (CDC). The methods being used in this fight against drugs is appallingly ineffective, and is wasting resources that could be used in more efficient ways.
The drug issue has infected American communities like a cancer. It is causing poverty through unemployment; those who are current drug abusers lack the ability to quit their habit and maintain a job, and those who were previously addicted to drugs are often turned down for job opportunities because of a criminal record or a stigma applied to them from within the community. It is causing crime through gangs that are joined out of desperation, whether it be for drug money or from the unemployment that, as mentioned previously, is also a product of drug abuse. It is causing deaths within these communities through overdoses and gang violence. It is evident that each of these issues relate to one another, and as long as they are present they will forever feed off each other and continue in this cycle that will only grow larger. In the middle of this cycle lies one manipulator: drug addiction. America is seeking relief from all of these issues by diminishing the very source of them; drug abuse. Therefore it would be sensible to apply this method when punishing those involved with illegal drugs; to cut out the major source of the problem. However, police forces continue to crack down on drug abusers that inhabit impoverished communities, while the big drug cartels remain for the most part unscathed. Currently, one out of 100 adults in t...

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...of drugs as a destructive behavior that needs to be addressed and fixed. Condemning a drug abuser to rot in a cell, only to start using again almost immediately after their release, is wasting the country 's tax money and wasting the valuable life of a citizen. Instead that money needs to be put toward rehabilitation programs and toward making those programs accessible to the addicts through transportation, temporary housing, and other financial and emotional support as it is necessary on an individual basis. However, if these arrangements are met and all the necessary tools for recovery are given and the individual does not comply, the possibility of jail time should still be present to deter the person from continuing down this destructive path.
The abuser should feel the impact of their poor choices, but this impact should not haunt them for the rest of their life.

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