Essay about Fifty JFK Conspiracy Clues

Essay about Fifty JFK Conspiracy Clues

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The "Rosetta Stone" of the JFK Assassination is the famous photograph, by James "Ike" Altgens, which was taken about one second after the throat wound of JFK, since it is the only photo in the public files that shows a motorcycle escort cop next to the limousine during the final 30 seconds. Many Zapruder Film frames were "blocked" by a Freeway sign and some Z-frame lines move, upwards, near the final shot and hide something with the frame lines.

Therefore, if you cross-reference the following photos to each other by time and by angles, you may conclude, as I have, that the Stemmons Freeway Sign was moved or added to the Zapruder Film to censor the action near the limousine during the assassination plot.

Clue 1: The oldest clue is the CIA "Operation Paperclip" after Allen Dulles was appointed Chief of the present CIA, where, thousands of Nazi experts and criminals were imported for “intelligencia purposes” after WW-II. One Nazi War Criminal was found working as a Vice President of Lockheed Corp. in about 1977. See: “The Financing of Adolf Hitler’s Party” by Sen. Prescott Bush, and the Lockheed Global Eavesdropping network, called, “Echelon”.

See: Protests Against Lockheed Martin Corp. in Santa Cruz. See: Lockheed bribes and bailout.

Clue 2: CIA "Operation MK-ULTRA", while Allen Dulles was our CIA Chief, where, new drugs were developed for “mind control”, “memory erasing”, “truth serums” and “murder weapons” by the Neo-CIA is another clue. Many imported Scientists were experts on Guided Missiles, Nerve Gas and Germ Warfare, Nuclear Physics, Perfect Murders, and Propaganda. And, some of the new drugs will act like a Chemical Lobotomy to create brain damage. JFK’s younger siste...

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... ever worked for the CIA or the Neo-Nazis?

Clue 50 The $700 Billion (or maybe a $2 Trillion) "Bail-out" of American Banks and Wall Street brokers who wear the red and black uniforms of Bush Cabinet Members is the final clue. (See: The Red ties with Black coats of Bush II Cabinet Members, especially after 911 and the new director of Bush’s “bailout money”, Henry Paulson.) Will any escape to Paraguay before starting WW-III with China, Korea, Iran, Russia, etc. and hope to avoid the nuclear fallout?

So, “WAKE-UP, AMERICA”, you have been stalked, raped and plundered of all your wealth that you accumulated after winning WW-II over fifty years ago. And, now, if President Obama accidentally gets assassinated, you might end your “disinterest in FBI Nazi policies” with another Race or Civil War and may “Hail or Heel” to another Psychotic Hitler, afterwards!

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