Essay about The Fifth Step Of An Ethical Problem

Essay about The Fifth Step Of An Ethical Problem

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The fifth step would require the counselor to record what she can do to gain the needed information to make an ethical decision and the course of action to be taken in order to resolve the ethical problem (Luke, Goodrich, & Gilbride, 2013). For example, the counselor would research and write down local experts to contact, write down applicable ethical codes, and possible dates to meet with the principal. This step would clarify a plan to gather needed information to take further action.
In step six, the counselor would analyze information from step five with the CRW factors at different levels and list the CRW elements that support or conflict with an action or decision and associate each action or decision with ethical standards (Luke, Goodrich, & Gilbride, 2013). For example, the counselor would list that breaching the student’s confidentiality would be supported in this situation by school policy and ACA (2014) standard B.2.a, and ASCA (2010) standards A.2.c and A.2.d, however, may contrast with the family’s and student’s cultural norms because the family may recognize the problem as a family issue, and not the schools responsibility. Understanding the ASCA (2010) ethical standard B.1.c., which supports counselors being responsive to the family’s diversity and acknowledging parents’ rights to their child’s well-being, can help a counselor to be sensitive to the family’s cultural perspective.
In the last step, the counselor makes a decision and acts on it, as well as records and analyzes the decision (Luke, Goodrich, & Gilbride, 2013). For example, the school counselor would choose to breach confidentiality based on ethical and legal concerns and record this information. Further, the counselor would acknowledge and record t...

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... can provide a counselor with an effective way to make ethical decisions when faced with an issue. However, the IMED is effective in supporting the counselor in making ethical decisions when working with students from diverse backgrounds. Also, understanding and acknowledging personal beliefs and values, and using strategies to expand knowledge and skills, assists counselors in making culturally responsive, ethical and legal decisions for the student’s well-being. Further, this knowledge can support counseling learner’s so that they can seek self-awareness about personal beliefs and values while becoming a counselor in order to make sure that they know how and are prepared to use an ethical decision-making model, and are able to effectively bracket personal values and beliefs when using ethical decision-making models to support students from a diverse background.

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