The Fifth Millennium Development Goal of Improving Maternal Health: Example in Afghanistan

The Fifth Millennium Development Goal of Improving Maternal Health: Example in Afghanistan

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The strengths of this initiative include being able to address all these varying areas of importance. While a limitation may be the continuation of funding and the efforts put forth by this initiative to make it sustainable.
When reviewing CIDA’s role in helping Afghanistan improve maternal health within their country, CIDA has promised much financial aid. However, the issue of sustainability arises with this approach. The investment in and of itself is great for the ability to ensure health services are available, and to be able to address accessibility issues. Nevertheless, when the funding ceases, there is the potential that the health care professionals will experience possible brain drain. In this case, for example, health care professionals such as doctors or gynecologists may feel like they are not getting paid enough. Thus, they may leave and want to find work elsewhere that will support them financially and provide them with stimulating learning and working opportunities. Money can be seen as the primary motivation to these health care professionals and if they aren’t rec...

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