The Fiery Deaths of Glauss and Creon Essays

The Fiery Deaths of Glauss and Creon Essays

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In this extract from Robinson Jeffers' Medea, the speaker (Medea) is elated with the success of the first part of her plan. It seems that through her own deception and cunning that she has trapped Glause like a fish in a net. Although, she is content wit the first par of her plan and eager to watch it unfold, she is interanlly conflicted between her misanthropic desire to enact revenge upon Jason, and the love she has for her children. This passage contains two tones, one of glee and self delight and another of misanthropic vengeance accompanied by a glimmer of motherly instinct.
The first section of this monologue has a tone of giddy self pride, and sadism. The main contributor to this giddy tone is the alliterative way of speaking Medea employs in the first two lines. She says “ the gifts are given” and the “gods role their great eyes,” this assonance serves to create an upbeat tone and portray Medea as emotionally happy. This assonance is also seen when Medea describes Glauss as a “slender salmon.” In addition to coinciding with the giddy tone of Medea's speech the animal imagery used here gives Medea's opinion of Glauss, that she is a young slender fish just waiting to be caught.
Another contributing factor to the overall tone of sadistic success and control is the fish-related descriptions found in the first section. Medea initially says “the gifts are given; the bait is laid,” the signification of this is that it sets up the gifts she gave to Glauss a “bait” that will eventually cause Glauss' body to “writhe in the meshes.” In addition the description of Glauss as a, “ slender salmon” that is “caught” by the “bait” laid by the clever Medea serves to foreshadow the gruesome events to come and gives i...

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... “Ay! I wish the deep earth would open and swallow us.” In this statement the internal conflict becomes evident. She wants have to,“do what comes next” to obtain her goal of revenge so that “all becomes gay and clear,” but she simply cannot have her little ones “come to her hands.” This meaning that the desire for revenge and her own motherly instinct are in opposition to each other, and she is at a loss of what to do. She loves her boys so much that she “wishe(s) all life would parish...and the gods die” before she would hurt her boys, but she also is so enthralled by revenge that it becomes unclear at the end of this passage as to what Medea will end up doing, will she avenge herself and spite Jason by finishing her plan, or will let the children live. The tonal and literary dichotomy between the first and second sections serves to create exactly this impression.

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