The Field Of Sports Management Essay examples

The Field Of Sports Management Essay examples

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In the field of sports management, there are several different career paths one could take. Yet, I still cannot find the right career for me. The truth is there are several different careers that significantly interest me, and being involved in event management is one of them. Now this may be a little broad as far as choosing a career goes but I will cover different areas of event management and what they focus on. The reason I have chosen this field is because planning, or helping to coordinate events is something I enjoy. For example, this year I have been in charge of coordinating Red Raider Orientation fair for the fraternity I am in, I have been involved in filling out paper work, attending mandatory meetings, designing brochures, scheduling volunteers, recruiting at the fair, and while somewhat stressful I feel that my love for sports would make a career in event management something enjoyable.

Event management is no small task, and it could potentially involve millions of dollars. “Sports … events are business investments both for the individual entrepreneur or athletic department that organizes and promotes them.” (Crompton). Due to the fact that there is so much at stake it is important that the event manager be prepared, able, and willing to do a job to the best of his or her ability. An article written by Milena Parent has a timeline which discusses the three stages and key events that were associated the planning of the 1999 Pan American Games. This timeline which stretches from 1987 to 2000 shows that event management is not a one man job but one that involves collaboration and dedicated individuals. The first stage is planning. It is also the longest and is key in determining the events success. There are several ...

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...mental to an event.

The third stage of an event according to Parent is the wrap-up, this is the shortest stage and serves as a time of assessment, were legacy management occurs and that is were committees decide to what to do with left over funds, facilities, equipment, or what should be sold. Then there is also the report writing and it is reflecting on what went right or what went wrong and what could have been done to improve. There are several different positions involved with event management that are equally important, like a house of cards take one away and it comes crashing down. While I do not know what level of event management I would like best, I would like to work for or be a part of an organizing committee. Another possible career path that I am curious about is working charity or non-profit organization that is directly affiliated with a sports team.

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