Essay about The Field Of Second Language Acquisition

Essay about The Field Of Second Language Acquisition

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The role of input:
Many theories in the field of second language acquisition highlight Krashen’s input hypothesis in some degree and focus on how an L2 learner uses the input they are exposed to whether spoken or written. Krashen’s theory of input is a fundamental approach to SLA along side the interaction hypothesis which transfer raw data into the production of language (output) directed by feedback. According to Krashen, the input hypothesis is the answer to how the natural order hypothesis takes place which assists L2 learner to moves from one stage to the next in SLA. Krashen’s natural order hypothesis claims that for a second language learner to acquire a language they will progress through a process that will help them acquire the language through a certain order. This hypothesis is complementary to Krashen’s input hypothesis. (Gass, 1997). One of the key issues of SLA is the role of the input hypothesis and the role it plays in the L2 process. Furthermore L2 acquisition can only happen with enough exposure to L2 input. Therefore when input is in the right amount and well practiced the formation of language is produced supports the transformation of the learned input into automatic output.
Krashen discusses that all humans acquire language in the same way through this hypothesis where he goes on to discuss that language is acquired when the L2 learner is exposed to a step beyond the learner’s language level which intakes the (i+1) hypothesis. The role of input is shown using comprehensible input. The input hypothesis is only fundamental to the acquisition of language due to comprehensible input which later turns into the production of language (output). The idea of comprehensible input is that the the L2 learner is expo...

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...iews have surfaced about the role of input and the input hypothesis which raises the question is input fundamental for the acquisition of a second language (behaviourist view) which also identifies the clear relationship between input and out in SLA or is the naturalist’s view correct with Chomsky’s idea that input simply serves as a trigger to the LAD device? (Ellis,1985).
The input hypothesis by Krashen suggests that this hypothesis is the only way for a learner to acquire a second language but what i believe is that a learner needs the input hypothesis and the output hypothesis together along with interaction to produce a language. The input hypothesis helps an L2 learner understand language by listening and reading until the learner is able to produce language (output) when they are ready and will only prefect the output through interaction and getting feedback.

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