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The Field Of Neurodevelopmental Criminology Essay example

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In the field of neurodevelopmental criminology, violence has been developed as a multifactorial behavior of human beings. According to Fischman there is a clear link to criminal behavior and the brain, but this can only be used as a predictor of violence not a determinant (2011). Adoption studies have allowed scientists and neurocriminologists to study the effect of environment on individuals with similar or identical genetic patterns. Most studies link magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) results to smaller amygdala regions of the brain (Fischman, 2011; ABC News). The amygdala is found the middle region of the brain and controls impulsivity and emotions. Those with smaller amygdala have repeated bad decisions and risky behavior because they cannot distinguish emotions or bad behavior (Fischman, 2011). These people often resemble psychopaths because they lack remorse, even when killing another. A defect at birth may result in smaller amygdala, because a hole in the newborn’s brain will not close forming the cavum septum pellucidu (Fischman, 2011). Those with a smaller amygdala have also been shown to have lower levels of enzyme monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) (Raine, 2013).
This is not the only area of the brain linked to violent behavior. Murders also have a decreased prefrontal cortex and orbital cortex activity (Fischman, 2011; (Raine, 2013). This may also play a role in the criminal’s inability to internalize the distinction of right and wrong. In the MRI scans of these criminals, the smaller brain region also results in a larger corpus callosum, divider within the brain hemispheres (Fischman, 2011). Dr. Fallon believes he can identify murderous tendencies from scans of the orbital cortex alone (ABC News). Even in homes without socia...

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...ther studies have linked diets high in Omega-3 to a 35 percent reduction of antisocial behavior in prisoners (Fischman, 2011; ABC News; (Raine, 2013). Brain functioning is improved in children, reducing adult crime, through simple interventions like better nutrition, exercise, and intellectual stimulation (Raine, 2013).
The field of neurodevelopmental criminology is still a new science in understanding what drives human behavior. While you can explain why a violent action occurs with science, it cannot be used to excuse such actions (ABC News). There is a clear link of both biological and social factors for all criminals. Science may now revolutionize treatment for those at risk for violent behaviors. We must not forget an individual still function under free will and intention, but it is unknown what may continue to be discovered as neurological research continues.

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