The Field Of Medicine And The Human Body Essay

The Field Of Medicine And The Human Body Essay

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There are many unique reasons underlying a person’s decision to select the field of medicine; I reasoned that I should entered the field of medicine because I have the intelligence to do so, biology and the human body have always interested me, and my family has experienced various health concerns which have driven me to be determined to succeed as a doctor.
At the age of 13, my mother was diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS), which was later diagnosed as evolving into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) when I was age 15. During this short period of time, my father stepped up to take care of my mother; asking that my two brothers and I do the same. After countless discussions with my father, he implored me to attain to degree in medicine, not just for job security, but because he felt that I was bright enough to make a difference in the lives of so many people. His assurance in my abilities focused me, and gave clarity to my purpose; I am here to help those in need, and I should do so because I was graced with the ability.
Shortly after my mother’s updated diagnosis, I lost my father in June of 2008. My dad passed quickly and unexpectedly to a heart attack. Concerns about his elevated blood pressure were ignored, and no specialist was recommended though there was prior history of calcium buildup of the heart. While in transit to the hospital, I reassured my mother it was not serious though I was unaware of the circumstances that occurred. After arriving and being informed of his passing, I broke down; this was when I realized the fragility of human life. This sudden change brought me to the understanding that a medical professional should give attention to all aspects of the patient’s life, in order to be preemptive t...

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...I volunteered 30+ hours a week to assisting research being conducted in the neuroscience lab at UofM-D, working on my fulltime class schedule, serving on e-boards for university student organizations, helping take care of my mother, taking any part time jobs I was offered, and maintaining a relationship with my girlfriend. This lead me to taking a “C” grade in courses which were hard for me; such as, physics and organic chemistry. During my final semester prior to graduation, I was able to hone in my time management skills while learning to focus on workouts to rehabilitate and manage my pain stemming from the 3 and 4 muscles in my rotator cuff being pulled. I feel that these final steps help complete the shaping process I have undergone since age 13; this is why I would make a great addition to the field of medicine and would make a successful and competent doctor.

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