The Field Of Licensed Practical Nursing Essay examples

The Field Of Licensed Practical Nursing Essay examples

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My research paper is on the healthcare occupation, in particularly,the field of licensed practical nursing, also called licensed vocational nurses. In my paper, I will cover such things as the definition of career choice, certain requirements, the expected job duties and responsibilities, any additional licensure that is required. After discussing these topics, I will then point out the potential of finding a job, the ranges of salary, as well as the environment I would be working in. Finally, I will talk about the potential growth in this field and legal requirements. Now i will start with the definition of my career choice.
The licensed practical nurses, or LPN and also called licensed vocational nurses or LVNs, is one of several popular and highly respected professions in the healthcare field. A licensed practical nurse is one that takes care of patients and clients in their care. They perform this medical care while under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses. LPNs perform essential care, meaning they assist a patient with dressing, ambulating, personal hygiene, and eating, among other types of care. In addition to this essential care, LPNs also adminster medicine to patients, monitior vital signs (e.g temperature, pulse, respiration, and the like), and similar tasks.
Before one can be certified as a LPN, they must first meet certain educational requirements. These educational requirements begin with going through an accredited program, such as one taught in certain schools and community colleges. In some areas, high schools and hospitals will teach different nursing programs. In these programs, potential LPNs study topics like nursing, biology, pharmacology, anatomy & physiology, and complete clinical trai...

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...n then decide whether they would like to continue working as an LPN/LVN or continue up the job ladder. As a LPN, a nurse can choose to attain specialized certification which will add to their job duties as well likely lead to pay increases. A practical nurse can even choose to continue their education in hopes of becoming a registered nurse (RN). After becoming a RN, one can get an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).
There are some legal requirements as well in this field. All nurses should have a malpractice insurance plan to protect themselves. LPNs must also make sure they keep their nursing license up-to-date and not allow it to expire. Any special certifications, such as CPR, must be keep up-to-date as well. Also, must follow regulations set forth by HIPAA and OBRA in an effort to protect the patient 's rights.

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