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The Field Of Intercultural Communication Essay

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It is argued in the essay written by Leeds-Hurwitz that the work of Edward Hall was vital to the development of the field of intercultural communication. Hall’s well known literary work, The Silent Language, is often referenced as the first work in the field and is noted as a critical beginning point. The argument that Hall’s work was crucial to the development of the field of Intercultural Communication is useful because it helps us understand the foundational principles the field was built upon. A firm understanding of the initial concepts created then sets the tone and context for how the field developed and current practices in the field. The aim of this analytical review is to outline specific contributions Hall made and highlight their value with respect to the current Intercultural Communication research in organizational settings.
Leeds-Hurwitz’s essay outlines eight of the major contributions Hall made to the field of Intercultural Communication, and argues that such innovations serve as the hallmarks of the field. The first of those contributions is listed as the shift from a focus on one culture at a time, or a comparison of two cultures, to a focus on interactions between individuals of different cultures. This one modification alone completely defines the entire field of study today (Leeds-Hurwitz, 1990). Intercultural Communication itself is the exchange of information between cultures, thus Hall’s distinction was a necessity for making this a field that could be studied. Without that specification the field as we have come to know it likely would not exist at all.
As a continuation of that original shift to a focus between cultures, Hall once again made a change by narrowing the center point of study from macroan...

... middle of paper ...

...ural communication Rogers, Hart & Miike, 2002).
It can be concluded that Edward Hall indeed played a significant role to the development and current understanding of Intercultural Communication. The lasting impact of his work can still be seen today. To date, Hall ranks as the second most cited Intercultural Communication author, and three of his books are among the most cited books in the field (Rogers, Hart, & Miike, 2002). It is undisputed that Edward Hall, in collaboration with George Trager, established the original paradigm for intercultural communication and that the early beginnings of Hall’s work at the FSI in the 1950s continue to serve as an influence in the field today. Without the explorations and distinctions Hall made during his time of research/teaching, communication between cultures would be defined and likely studied in a vastly different way.

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