The field of Information Technology and Customer Services Essay example

The field of Information Technology and Customer Services Essay example

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Recruitment and Selection:
The field of Information Technology and Customer Services

Letter of Transmittal
The purpose of this research is to find out the career opportunities for a particular field in real. The focus was on creating the application package for that particular job. The application package has a very important role in recruitment and selection process. It helps in presenting oneself as the best fit for the organization. The application package includes application letter, resume and the follow up letter which addresses the employers. The aim of this report is to guide the target audience i.e. students about the career opportunities that they can have in future.

Table of Contents
Letter of Transmittal 2
Executive Summary 4
Introduction 5
Recruitment Process 6
Conclusion 7

Executive Summary
This research aimed at exploring career opportunities in the field of Information technology and Customer Services. It explains in detail what steps and procedures should be followed to make you visible in the recruitment and selection process. The research was based on the secondary data analysis i.e. job posts were analyzed and the application package was designed accordingly. The result showed that for any candidate the first and foremost step is to find a good job opportunity, then to get oneself into the recruitment pool of the organization through a well written application letter and resume. After the interview, it is important to keep a follow up so that the employer recognizes the serious attitude of the candidate.

Recruitment and Selection are two important, different and interlinked steps that help you in getting employed into an organization. Both the processes entails short...

... middle of paper ...

...t among others. From the above analysis, it can be concluded that for the job in IT and Customer Service, it is important to have both the education and job experience from good universities and reputed organizations respectively. Along with these, an individual’s personality, skills and knowledge regarding job and the organization have a great influence on the employer. The better an individual is prepared and well equipped, the more the chances of being recognized and getting into the organization.

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