The Field Of Industrial Organizational Psychology Essay

The Field Of Industrial Organizational Psychology Essay

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The topic that I am specializing in is the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology. I have always been intrigued with the scientific study of the human behavior and psychological theories that are main components within the workplace. I like to focus on the structure of the business and the managerial issues of development. I have been in a variety of fields that range from restaurant management, agricultural business, sales, and marketing, just to name a few. In every different field that I have experienced, I became intrigued with the many different style of management, structures and overall inner workings of what the business actually provides in terms of their employees. The three topics that I have chosen are listed below.

Employee Engagement
Shuck, B., Collins, J., Rocco, T., & Diaz, R. (2016). Deconstructing the privilege and power of employee engagement: Issues of inequality for management and human resource development. Human Resource Development Review, 15(2): 208-29.

It is very important to understand that employee privileges and power can fully leverage the outcome of the work ethics of employees within an organization. Managers of all levels need to understand that the employee engagement can have a very positive psychological state on the business and other personnel. This comes from the perspective not connected directly to the outcome, but rather the realistic and experienced phenomenon tied to the experiences that are tied to the privileges and power of employees. Managers are the key influential force in the development of employee engagement and they should examine their own experiences of power and privileges. The resulting awareness of employee...

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...tion to align the policies, processes and talent in order to compete with the challenging competition. Acquiring, developing and retaining talent is the main priority in considering the initial focus on talent acquisition along with performance and leadership training that will empower the organization or business. Globalization of HR simplifies the integration points between fewer systems that helps the business thrive.
Hypothesis 1: By combining the HR data, such as the total compensation data and the talent data to deliver the best leaders, will help manage employees better in terms of business cost.
Hypothesis 2: Globalizing HR helps improve the overall data mapping to local HR and non-HR systems such as finance.
Question: By creating one main global system of record for HR, across all geographies would this improve the budget without causing personnel lay-offs?

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