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My research paper is on the field of Industrial Engineering. I plan on pursuing this field, because I want to be able to find a way that will help eliminate wastefulness throughout the process of production. In this field, Industrial engineer 's find ways to integrate workers with information, machines, materials, and energy to create and provide products and services, without wasting any of the resources. Their duties are to review schedules, engineering specification, flows of process, and information to understand methods. Industrial Engineers have to figure out how to maximize the efficiency of parts, product, or delivery services. They have to be sure that all their observations, calculations, and the efficiency of the product is at its best. If not, they risk the lives of people and they also risk the loss of money for companies. Industrial engineers focus more on how efficient the work is done and how to balance the number of workers, availability of technology, and cost of everything. At the same time as their engineering duties, they have to budget money to paying workers and to managing quality control systems. Industrial engineers can engage in other activities that can be used by the government, various businesses, and nonprofit organizations. There are several people that are famous in the Industrial engineering field, but the two that has influenced me into becoming an industrial engineer are John DeLorean the maker of the famous car from Back to the future I-III the DMC-12, and Taiichi Ohno the “Father of the Toyota Production System”
John DeLorean is an influence because he started as a son of a factory worker for Ford. He grew up in Detroit during the Great Depression. After he graduated high school, he attend...

... middle of paper ...

...because throughout their lifetime, they
had the thought of making something better by inventing a more efficient and
economical system, which drove them to success. These two gentlemen became
legends in their own way. DeLorean invented and designed the DMC-12 that impacted
the way cars were built. Toyota’s Engineer, Taiichi Ohno made a long lasting program called “Just-in-Time Program” to help make cars more efficient and cheaper. DeLorean
and Ohno tried everything that they imagined and what came out were ideas that
no one would have thought of. Their ideas have been subjects of development
throughout the automotive industry and will continue to do so until their ideas
are obsolete. Given these points, the influence of these men and their contributions to the Industrial Engineering field, gave me a better perspective in pursuing a career in Industrial Engineering.

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