Essay on The Field of Ergonomics

Essay on The Field of Ergonomics

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The field of ergonomics stresses the idea of designing the perfect product for people so that whenever the people interact with the product, they are having a beneficial experience and their health and safety is protected by the shape and design of the product. Not only is ergonomics focused on protecting the body, it is also focused on protecting the cognitive abilities (the mind). Therefore, companies should all have ergonomic or human factor departments within their organizations so that the products that they manufacture can have a design that is safe for both the body and mind. This will make their products much more desirable and their companies more competitive in the overall market. Ergonomics has also been proven to increase user satisfaction and reduce insurance claims in work-related injuries. There is a general reduction in work-related injuries because the products being used by employees are safer and healthier. They do not risk that physical health of the employee like regular products might. With ergonomic products, workers are also more productive, efficient, and overall happier when using them.
The ergonomic product that I have researched is the Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD). This product is a computer screen display that produces a variant of liquid crystal display that utilizes thin film transistor technology that produces better image quality. This product boosts visual work performance, as well as space and energy savings because of its new technology and low luminosity and eye-saving color combinations. Although I will be focusing largely on the computer screen, the TFT-LCD also comes in televisions, flat-panel displays and projectors (Ivergard and Hunt 130). Th...

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