The Field Of Developmental Psychology Essay

The Field Of Developmental Psychology Essay

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In a world containing roughly seven billion people, a few commonalities are shared between us all, such as physical and psychological maturity. The world is populated with the young and old, believing old age to go hand in hand with stagnation, while children parallel development. Childhood is a temporary state of being, children are meant to learn and grow out of the confinement of adolescence, but the transition is not thrust upon us and maturity discontinued. It is not reserved for the infants and adolescence, humans continue to change and evolve up until the inevitability of death. The field of developmental psychology studies the continual psychological development of humans through a life span which include, infancy, adolescence and seniority.
Furthermore, developmental psychology is also known as life-span psychology or child psychology because it once focused solely on the development of children, excluding adulthood and old age. Child psychology began when Charles Darwin designed a case study of the growth and maturity of one of his own children. A man named Robert Chambers then published a book describing the one of the two laws of existence, not the law of gravity but the law of development, setting into motion the creation of developmental psychology. Subsequently, developmental psychology allows us to understand the complexities of cognition as it is evolves in response to the manipulation by external stimulus.
Individuals employed in the field of developmental psychology have usually earned a, masters or doctorate’s degree in psychology. Those entering into developmental psychology with a master’s degree are professionally limited as an assistant psychologist. A master’s degree allows the individual the option to ...

... middle of paper ... occupational benefits. Psychology is projected to continue growing in response to the need for psychologists in schools, hospitals and mental health facilities.
After researching and reviewing all of the qualifications of becoming a developmental psychologist, I believe that it is not the right field for me. I believe myself to be a trustworthy and patient person and in this regard I feel I would do wonderfully as a psychologists. I pride myself upon my people and conversational skills, which luckily go hand in hand. Finally, I enjoy the observation aspect of this field. I love to people watch and what better occupation than an occupation in which the studies permit you to do so with no consequences. In contrast, I am lacking in analytical skills. If it is necessary I can analyze and brainstorm but it is not one of the more compelling aspects of the occupation.

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