Essay on The Field Of Cosmetic Surgery

Essay on The Field Of Cosmetic Surgery

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In today’s world, body image is an area of high concern amongst individuals and society as a whole. The field of cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing a patient’s appearance to help one achieve the aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion desired to feel confident, young, and beautiful. I plan to take my fascination with persistent learning and spend the next decade of my life to ultimately help others gain confidence in their body image through the practice of medicine and cosmetic surgery. My path to reaching my goal begins at Virginia Tech, where I hope to graduate with a degree in biological sciences with minors in chemistry and medicine and society. While at Virginia Tech, I plan to maintain competitive grades to not only remain a member of the honors program, but to ensure that I am a well-rounded applicant for medical school. To achieve my goal of working as a cosmetic surgeon, I must prepare for my future starting now. This preparation involves extensive research of educational requirements and opportunities for involvement. It is essential that I am an active member of the student body to develop communication and leadership skills, but to also demonstrate to medical schools’ admissions boards that I have the ability to balance strenuous course loads with extracurricular activities. This is essential because getting into medical school is extremely competitive and will be just the first step of my long journey to becoming a cosmetic surgeon.
After attending Virginia Tech, I plan to continue my education and attend a medical professional school to become a doctor of medicine—specialized, and board certified in cosmetic surgery. To achieve this goal, I will have to complete a post-graduate general surgery residency prog...

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...metic surgery requires almost a decade of specialized education beyond medical school, which justifies the high financial compensation of cosmetic surgeons. On average, a plastic surgeon spends 30-40 hours seeing patients, spending an average of 13-16 minutes with each patient during an exam. Most plastic surgeons see 25-49 patients a week, and are required to devote 10-14 hours a week to paperwork and administrative activity (Kane 2012).
When I think of my future in medicine, I envision a demanding journey that will one day be worth all of the hassle. Despite the hard work, I know that practicing medicine is one of the most rewarding careers a person can have. I have already experienced the gratification that accompanies the art of medicine through volunteer experiences and I cannot wait to continue my servitude for others in the future as a medical professional.

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