Essay on The Field Of Cognitive Psychology

Essay on The Field Of Cognitive Psychology

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How does one think? The answer to this question lies in the field of cognitive psychology, which concentrates on how the brain receives, processes, understands and reacts to the world (Feldman, 2000). This branch of study did not form on its own, it was developed over time, after many discoveries along the way. Behaviorism, information processing, linguistics and neuroscience are just a few theories that helped to pave the way to form the study of how we think (Galotti, 2014).
Behaviorism, the study of psychology that theorized using only scientifically observable studies, such as action and reward, did not acknowledge introspection as a reputable study. So, how did it pave the way for a completely different belief of study? Behaviorism studied the origin of the action, but did not include the reasoning and expectation of the action. New discoveries in language, which will be discussed later in this essay, also caused doubts about behaviorism (Galotti, 2014, Chapter 1). People started to question things that strictly observable studies with animals could not explain. Like, why we are who we are and how that makes us feel. Theorists began to lean on a more introspective source of study in humans and the workings of the minds. Also, in the midst of this new inventions were being made which brought the question of how we store our thoughts and memories.
When computers were invented, it was impossible not to realize the similarities in how a computer stores information and how people do. This led to the discovery of information processing. The idea that human minds take in information, use it and store it for memory was formed. Through studying this process, the scientific method was formed. Methods like experiments, quasi experiment...

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...a lens, it must be concluded through observation and interpretation of the mind. Scientific experiments which involve this observation allows the researcher to understand the how’s and why’s of actions and what implications these actions have on the mind (Galotti, 2014, Chapter 1).
Cognitive psychology studies and attempts to explain the process in which our minds work. This explanation answers how the mind receives, retains, stores and retrieves information. It is the explanation of how we know what we know. Answers and theories are obtained through experiments which rely on behavioral observation. Cognitive psychology was created, formed and obtained through milestones, like the dispute of behaviorism, the implementation of information processing, the study of linguistics and the discovery of neuroscience. This form of psychology is widely used in today’s society.

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