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Tribes and How it Applies to Nursing in the 21st Century
The field of nursing is continually evolving, and improving within all aspects of the expertise. Today, nursing in the 21st century is vastly different than it was when Florence Nightingale founded the practice as an occupation in the 1850s (Winkelstein, 2009). Although nursing has transformed in a variety of ways, one thing that remains constant is the basic need for leadership and guidance in the profession. There are numerous books on the market today that explore the concept of leadership and its role, how to obtain it, how to be a good leader, etc. Tribes, written by Seth Godin, investigates the topic of the world being divided into millions of tribes, yet there is no one to lead them (2008). A tribe, according to Godin, is any group of people, large or small, connected to one another, a leader, and an idea (2008). According to this definition, I would consider nursing to fall into a tribe category. After reading the book, I evaluated and analyzed the concepts/background/history of the book, how the topic could be applied to the certain nursing roles within the practice, how the concepts in the book could be used in my own practice, and my own personal growth from reading this book.
Tribes Concepts
Although Tribes was a short read, it packed powerful statements all throughout. The book was broken up into numerous sections that each contained influential messages. It was surprising that each new part presented the notion of leadership in a whole new light. As was stated above, Tribes introduces the concept that millions of tribes exist in our society today, yet there is no one to lead them (Godin, 2008). Godin proposes that the history of tribes is due to people who a...

... middle of paper ...

... the one to lead the way.
Tribes introduces a variety of concepts that all pertain to the millions of tribes that have formed in our society today, yet there is no one to lead them. It arms readers with the tools necessary to lead, and leaves leadership as ours for the taking if we wish to do so. This one book can be utilized by the different roles that are within the field of nursing, and can be adapted to that specific area. I will personally use the information presented in this book in my own nursing practice, by honing the elements of leadership presented and leading my tribe when the time comes. The main message that will stick with me after reading, and analyzing this book is that we cannot wait for others to step up to lead the change we wish to see. We all possess the basic tools to lead, and it is up to us to lead in today’s new kind of world.

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