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FIELD EXPERT INTERVIEW 2 The field expert was Mrs. Brenda Williamson, who taught various grade levels and subjects for special education. Mrs. Williamson has been teaching for twenty years. Currently Mrs. Williamson is a principal in a private school. Mrs. Williamson was chosen for this interview because after working with her I have learned many strategies to enhance learning and classroom management. Question: If you had given students 15-20 minutes after your lesson discussion to do their homework and a student puts his head down on his desk, what would you do or say? Response: “If a student places his or her head down on the desk instead of starting a homework assignment, I would tell the student that (s)he can do the next assignment I prepared instead of the homework assignment, since it was to be done at home. Then I would instruct (s)he to complete the second assignment and turn it in and Mark can turn it in before the class ends.” My Response: I would not have given the student homework to do in class. Every teacher should have set-up in their room shelves with “I am finished, what now” work. This work should include current work related to the instruction being taught for the week/month. Question: You have a special needs student with ADHD in your classroom, she is repeatedly disruptive – talking to those around her, getting up to sharpen her pencil a couple times during the class period, and making comments such as, “This is stupid. Who needs to know this stuff anyway?” What would you do? Response: “If a student is disruptive and says the work is stupid, I mark anecdotal notes on the behavior and make sure the student an... ... middle of paper ... ... Response: Even though I am not responsible for writing the curriculum, I probably would make some adaptions to the delivery that the curriculum covers so that it is relevant to all students in my class. Question: How would you initiate a discussion with a student who has not completed their work for two days in a row? Response: When a student has not turned in assignments for two or any amount of days I show them the gradebook and tell them I don’t want them to fail.” My Response: I would be very straight forward but professional and ask, do you want a failing grade? More than likely the student will say no. Then I would suggest that they complete their work in a specified period of time. From this interview, I gleaned that when someone has more experience than you in implementing educational strategies you may just want to use their advice as a jumping off point.

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