Fidel : The Second Of Six Children Essay

Fidel : The Second Of Six Children Essay

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Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 13, 1926. He was born near Birán, in Cuba 's eastern Oriente Province. Fidel Castro was the third of six children. Fidel had two brothers, Raul and Ramon Castro along with three sisters, Angelita, Emma and Augustina Castro. Fidel’s father, Angel, was a wealthy man originally from Spain. Angel was a sugar plantation owner with a lucrative business. This rich lifestyle led to political connections that will help Fidel out in the future. His mother, Lina Ruz Gonzalez, ironically was a maid to Angel 's first wife, Maria Luisa Argota, during the time of Fidel 's birth. When Fidel was 15, his father dissolved his first marriage and married Fidel 's mother. When Fidel was 17 years old, he was properly acknowledged by his father and his last name was changed from Ruz to Castro.
Fidel did his schooling in private boarding schools and grew up in a very wealthy background, which was a rare being in Cuba at the time. Fidel was gifted in school and was initially more interested in sports than in schoolwork. He was a pitcher on the baseball team at El Colegio de Belen, the school he attended. After he graduated in 1945, he went to the University of Havana and entered law school. In law school he organized violent gangs pursued to achieve a mixture of goals, political aims, and personal careers. Later in 1947, he entered an abortive attempt by Dominican exiles and Cubans to invade the Dominican Republic and overthrow General Rafael Trujillo. He also took part in urban riots that broke out in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1948. Shortly after in 1948, Castro got married to Mirta Diaz Balart, a wealthy woman who lived in Cuba. They eventually had one child, Fidelito. The new marriage gifted Castro with a wealth...

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Fidel never kept any promises and became very vengeful for people who wouldn’t be in complete agreement with him. If you were a politician in disagreement with Castro at the time of his reign, it was likely that you were arrested and punished. Not to mention, if you were homosexual you have a high chance of being thrown into jail. Three years prior to the revolution, a quarter of a million Cubans left Cuba. Most Cubans fled to Miami where to find work and family. In 1980, Fidel opened up a port for the exiled Cubans who were in Miami to come to Cuba to claim their relatives. Many of the Cubans who left were in the middle or upper class and left because they would be better off financially not living in Cuba because of Castro’s policies. The Cubans who stayed in Cuba had respect for Fidel but sooner than later began to resent him for what he did to the country.

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